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Interview with Robert Morris Levine, Winter 2021 Participant

This is one in a series of interviews with participants from Fruitful School about the sites they created as part of our 6 week workshop.
Screenshot of, a mostly white website that greets visitors with the message, ‘Welcome to Clay Corporation, where we make clay from code. The factory is currently closed. Would you like to visit the warehouse or the generator?' The text is brown colored and in a pixelated serif font. Screenshot of on the 'Warehouse' tab, which shows various small clay sculptures and pottery in a grid with technical-looking textual metadata above each Screenshot of the text that appears in the 'Generator' section of which reads, 'ROLL a grapefruit-sized ball of clay, DO it slower, REMOVE some clay, PINCH horizontally, ASK it a question, THROW it in the dirt, GIVE it a kiss, REPEAT the instructions in reverse.'
Clay Corporation by Robert Levine, 2021 —

Describe the process of creating your site.

When you plant a seed, you don't know what it will become. It might emerge like the picture on the envelope but maybe it will sprout a monstrous other thing. It will probably sprout a monstrous other thing.

What did you learn through Fruitful School?

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are materials, and that these materials have histories.

What's something you'd like visitors to know?

This is make-believe.

What's it like to run a corporation?

It is no big deal.

What type of site would you like to see more on the www?

Less SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and Cargo. More websites handmade on the QWERTY loom.

Robert Morris Levine

Screenshot of the 'Factory' tab of, which shows a livestream from above of RL working at their desk. A spiraling white cord in the foreground, almost obscuring RL.