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We gave a virtual lecture the other week! It goes over the history of Fruitful School from its start in late 2019 to present.

Thanks to Joe Potts and all the students from Otis College.

Below ... an ongoing series of interviews with participants from Fruitful School about the sites they created as part of our 6 week workshop.

Icky Gooey Heart

Interview with Tee Topor, Fall 2020 Participant

Screenshot of ickygoohea.rt with a 3d hand in the center, left and right and question mark icons at top

โ€œLearning to make websites is like climbing a really tall ladder into the clouds. Itโ€™s slow, you have to start at the bottom, and itโ€™s more about the ascension than actually reaching an ending. You have to let the ideas guide you.โ€

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Interview with Vanya Padmanabhan, Fall 2020 Participant

A screenshot of at 11:06am. It includes an isometric exploded drawing of a house with round colored circles inhabiting it.

โ€œA few strangers have said that they came to the site at a low point in their lives and that seeing other people's (quarantine) rituals helped them come up with something they could be doing everyday.โ€

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First, Last, Security

Interview with Raegan Bird, Fall 2020 Participant

A screenshot of First, Last, Security showing a slightly bleak and mysterious image of an apartment in desert tones with a small purple peace sign in the corner

โ€œScrappiness (in Tuscon) feeds into a lot of liveliness and creativity ... Like someone thinking, โ€˜instead of spending money we donโ€™t have to redo all the bathroom tile after a plumbing problem, letโ€™s just make a path of river rock up to the toilet...โ€™โ€

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Many Sceneries

Interview with Ji Kim, Fall 2020 Participant

A screenshot of Many Sceneries that contains ovals of natural scenery some which occupies the background

โ€œThis site is not for information. You don't have a task to do. We don't need to try to understand or absorb the flowing scenes in front of us, but we may remember some of them.โ€

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Pensรฉe Sauvage

Interview with Yelim Ki, Winter 2021 Participant

A screenshot of a chat-based website that has an angled image of the pansy flower in the background, messages on the right hand side, and a blueish purple background

โ€œItโ€™s a hypothetical & imaginary institution that can soothe all my complaints floating up in my mind as I attend art classes and more generally, institutions teaching art, such as the university.โ€

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